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Supplement your groceries with local Michigan food

There is a reason "Provisions" is in our name - to offer the same great products we have on the cafe menu and make them available to you at home in a restaurant-style "CSA."


Community Supported Agriculture is an innovative way to connect you directly to our farmers and keep our vital and high-quality Michigan food networks alive.

Each standard CSA box will include a mix of fresh vegetables, all from local Michigan farms. Please email info@pennyroyalprovisions.com to place your order and for any questions or if you are looking for specific products.

Each $30 box is meant to supplement a family of 2 for 1 week with great products; each $50 box for a family of 4. Sign up weekly or monthly.

Offerings also include, wine, beer, coffee, tea, etc., so please stay tuned for updates as our grocery list expands. Pre-ordered boxes will be made available for pickup and we will deliver them to your vehicle.

This supports our staff, our local farmers, and our community, so thank you.

Current Availability & Procedures

Everyone must pre-pay over the phone and no guests will be allowed inside the Cafe at this time. We will bring everything out to your car.

Pickup Day: Order Tuesday for pickup on Thursday or Friday. Order Thursday by noon for pickup on Saturday or Sunday.

To-Go Cocktails 

2.5 servings

Sweetheart - rose, hibiscus, vodka $22

Cranberry-ginger sling $22

Maple-whiskey sour $22

Bloody Mary kit - gin/vodka $20



100% Michigan-grown, provided by Mudlake, Visser, Crisp County Acres, Second Springs, Victory Farms, Vertical Paradise, Mighty Vine, Sprout It, Arnsman Farm, Cosgrove Orchards, and Starflower.

Lettuce, mix $6

Power greens mix $7

Zing mix $7

Swiss chard, baby $6

Cabbage, red or green $3

Kale, green curly $6

Leeks $5

Sweet potatoes $5/lb
Potatoes, small red $3 pt
Parsnips $3

Yellow onion $1

Red onion $1

Carrot $3

Rainbow carrot $3.50

Beet, mix $3
Rainbow radish $3

Celery root $3

Rutabaga $3

Winter sweet squash

Ambercup squash

Mushrooms, retail pk $8 from Sprout It 
Rosemary $2.25

Michigan Fruit

Apples - granny smith $1.50/lb

Cranberries $5


Eggs, OG $5.50 
Milk, OG $9
Oat milk $7
Butter $6
Yogurt, OG $8 

Cottage cheese, OG $8
Pimento cheese dip $8
Sliced cheddar $6 pk
Sliced swiss $6 pk

Pepperjack $6 pk

Evergreen Lane Cheese, priced per pound: fromage blanc, chevre, noella, feta, mattone, lily rose

Organic buffalo mozzarella $12

Manchego, parm, asiago, emmenthaler, assorted specialty



Must meet pre-order deadlines 
F & F Baguette- $3
F & F Sourdough $10
F & F Rye $12
F & F Multigrain $10

F & F Approachable Loaf $9

Pennyroyal brioche buns $2 ea 



Must meet pre-order deadlines. We can source additional cuts through Crane Dance Farm, which meets the highest animal welfare standards. Need something? Just ask. More info at www.cranedancefarm.eatfromfarms.com


Whole chicken $16 ea
Marinated chicken, whole $20
Marinated chicken, half $9
Chicken breast $8lb 
Ground beef $8lb
Burger patties, seasoned $4 ea
Sliced turkey $8, 3/4#pk

Sliced ham $8 3/4# pk

Prosciutto, La Quercia $10
Whitefish dip $12

Bolognese $18
Bacon $11
Salami $12 

Brats $11

Salmon $18

Shrimp $10 

Lamb, ground $12

Lamb sausages, $15

Lamb, 1/2 rack $24/lb

Jake's Country Meats sausage: breakfast, chicken, hot Italian, sweet Italian $11

Chicken 1/4's breast and wing

Walleye $25/lb


Pennyroyal Housemade Items



Sweet potato gnocchi bake with kale and caramelized onion $16

Frozen Meals

Turkey pot pie $18

Butternut squash lasagna $18

Salmon coubliac $20

Mac & cheese $14


Rotating selection of salami, cheese, pickles and such $14


Shaved vegetable salad, SM or LG

Wheatberry salad, SM or LG


All large QT $15, you can order a 1/2 size as well ($8)

Tomato Fennel 
Mushroom Barley
Chicken, lemon orzo


Croissant $4 ea

Chocolate croissant $5 ea

Cherry almond scone $3.5

Corn muffin, GF $3 ea
Blueberry muffin $3 ea 

Morning glory muffin $3 ea

Danish $4 ea

Fruit and cheese danish $5 ea
Brioche bun $2 ea

Cookies, All $3
Brown sugar
Lemon almond
Chocolate chip 

Mini quiche, greek or quiche lorraine $7

Meat pasty, baked or frozen $9

Vegetarian pasty, baked or frozen $8

Granola, small $8, large $12 

Crackers $6

Not-so-thin mint $3.5

Raspberry jam oat bars $4

Apple hand pies $5
Basque cake with cherries $10

Lemon tart au citron $7

Pennyroyal Etc.

House mixed berry jam

House strawberry, rhubarb jam

Pimento cheese $8

Hot sauce $8

Harissa $7

Pesto $12

Mayo $6

Carrot hummus $8

Dijon vinaigrette $6

Lemon vinaigrette $6

Jam - blueberry, peach, apricot


Olive oil, The Olive Mill - small $17, large $29

Hinterland pasta, mushroom fettuccini or Thai basil spaghetti $9

Hinterland gluten-free pasta, fettuccini $9

Great Lakes chips, cherry BBQ or plain $5

Pretzels $5

Apple chips $5




Please specify ground/whole bean; we may also get espresso beans or seasonal roasts by request.
Madcap 616 $18

Madcap Decaf

Local products are available! Enjoy Waypost Brewing and Marland & Modales Wines, which also supports our local agricultural community in West Michigan. Please ask for updated availability. 


Old Nation M43

New Holland Hazy River
New Holland Dragon's Milk White
Waypost Saison
Waypost IPA
Waypost Sea Salt Stout 

Euchre Pilsner

Bell's Amber
Bell's Two Hearted

Brewery Vivant Ski Patrol

Farmhaus Daily Dry

Left Foot Charley Cinnamon Girl Cider

Wine, all $20 or under:
Ostatu, Rosado, Rioja Rosé, Spain
Domaine de Fontsainte, Gris de Gris Rosé, France 
Arte Latino Cava, Spain

Liquid Light Sauvignon Blanc, Washington
Avinyo Petillant, Spain

Arabako Xarmant Txakoli, Spain

Zacharais Assyrtiko
Plinio Vermentino, Italy

Ch. Ducasse Bordeaux Blanc, France
Bourgogne Chardonnay, France

Verterra Unoaked Chardonnay, Michigan

Lucashof Dry Riesling, Pfalz, DE

Late Harvest Riesling, Marland, Michigan

Jean-Paul Brun, 'Le Ronsay' Beaujolais, France

Felicette, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvédre, France

G.D. Langhe Rosso, Nebbiolo, Italy
Bieler 'La Jasmine' Cotes du Rhone, France

Elena Walch, Schiava, Italy
Matane Primitivo, Italy
Clos La Coutale, Cahors Malbec
Cune, Crianza, Rioja, Spain
Broadside Cabernet, CA
The Curator, Red Blend, South Africa

Domaine de Valmoissine, Pinot Noir, Louis Latour, France

Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, France, Kermit Lynch
Les Hérétiques, Red Blend, France, Dressner

Lapostolle Merlot, Chile

Château Coupe-Roses, Minervois La Bastide, France



From Pallazollo's


Triple Chocolate


Strawberry Sorbet

Please email info@pennyroyalprovisions.com to place your order and for any questions or if you are looking for specific products. Subscribe to our newsletter in the footer below to receive the latest updates and availability!


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